Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Glorious day in Georgia

It took about four hours to hand sew the binding on the giant customer quilt, which was well spent listening to two movies on Netflix.

Mr Wazoo quilted this modern improv quilt. the customer's first. I love the subtle colors she chose.

Panto: Yodel
In the afternoon, we decided to leave the studio and take a ride in the countryside. It was such a beautiful day, and we had been inside way too long. Miss Molly had her head out the car window, sniffing the delightful smells, and we enjoyed looking at all the forsythia and redbuds in bloom on the mountainsides.
Not to be outdone, Mr Wazoo did a bit of weeding in his gardens before it was time to retire to the house for supper. All in all, a wonderful day.
Pansies still going strong even after being buried in snow

Mr Wazoo weeding along the path he made.

Our forsythia bloomed! We planted this last year.

Phlox in the front rock garden is the first thing to bloom.

The back yard rock garden hasn't started to grow yet.

Miss Molly and I spent some time rocking and watching the birds on the feeders before supper.

We have a woodpecker making a nesting hole in one of our trees in the side yard, too!
I'll be in the studio working all day tomorrow, no matter how nice it is outside. Next week at this time, I'll be in Texas with my family, especially my new Grandson!

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