Thursday, March 3, 2016

A little detour

I know I was supposed to do the other 30s sampler yesterday, but I got an email from my customer in Florida, whose quilt was next in line. She was wondering how it was going, so I decided to do hers first and get it traveling back to the sunshine state. I have made this same quilt, but it hasn't been quilted yet. Now, I want to get mine done, too.

Mr Wazoo quilted, too. He finished this batik log cabin.

Hard to see, but the panto is Autumn Oaks

I'll close today with some pictures of home that make us want to go outside and enjoy the day.

My walk to work...down the drive to the studio.

Things are starting to pop through the ground in the back rock garden

The entrance to Wazoo studio, complete with the wind chimes my son got me for my birthday!

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