Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday, Monday

I spent the morning making blocks for my friend,Kay, who makes comfort quilts for women with breast cancer. She put out a plea for them at the last guild meeting, and since guild is tomorrow, I figured I had better get busy and make her some blocks.

The rest of the day was spent taking apart a horse blanket (yes...a real horse blanket complete with the horse's hair all over it) and figuring out how to make a couch throw out of the parts. Getting the leather buckles and the huge gold braid off was the most difficult part. The fabric is wool and very soft and thick. I had to cut it apart to get pieces that would lie flat because it is shaped like a horse. Duh. A few hours later, I had the whole thing re-sewn and ready to quilt. After supper, I spent another two hours taking apart the blanket's stiff edging so I could salvage the gold cord from around the edge of the original blanket. I plan to incorporate it into the binding. I am using Glide gold thread because it is shiny and beautiful and mimics the gold from the braiding. I hope to finish it tomorrow.

What seemed like two miles of stiff binding finally taken apart...
To get this braid to use in the new binding.

Mr Wazoo spent the morning getting the new tires put on my car and running errands before our Texas trip. In the afternoon, he quilted this pretty winter themed quilt. It has silver snowflakes in the gray fabric, and silver dots on the backing fabric. Classy!

I can't remember the name of this panto, but it has swirling snowflakes on it!
We're expecting another frigid night here, so I plan to add another quilt and snuggle down in bed with my Kindle before heading off to sleep. Stay warm, everybody!

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