Sunday, March 20, 2016

Slow Sunday sewing

I was kind of lazy today, not starting in the studio until almost noon! We had a late breakfast and I cleaned the kitchen before starting in.
I had this really large flannel quilt waiting for me, and was anxious to get started. I was totally impressed with how square and flat this quilt is, seeing it is made of pre-washed, soft and stretchy fabric. The quilting went along like a dream while I listened to wonderful piano music on my Sirius XM radio.

Panto: Basket Case. Customer wanted something loose and simple to keep the quilt soft.

 Mr Wazoo spent the day worrying about the coming freeze and covering the tender plants. He expects the worst all the time. I prefer to think things will be okay in the end. Yin and yang.

The forsythia we planted last summer is blooming like crazy! So pretty.
I hope it doesn't get blasted in the freeze later tonight...

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