Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend work

Yesterday, we quilted most of the day, getting caught up on customer projects. Mr Wazoo did these fun quilts for the same customer.
Panto: Square spiral

Hungry, hungry caterpillar!

Panto: Quirky

Cool, psychedelic froggies on the back!
I finished the dragonfly quilt from the day before.

This is why I hate those white on white patterned fabrics where the design is painted on. The paint comes off with every needle poke and gets everywhere in my machine. I must have cleaned the surface and bobbin area five times during the quilting process. It's pretty fabric, but sure makes a mess!

On my day off, I quilted my Aussie quilt and got the binding on. Later, I sat in front of mind numbing TV and did the hand sewing. Another finish!
My favorite swirly panto
I used one of the more colorful Aussie fabrics for the binding


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