Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Custom work on a beautiful Spring day!

We started out this day early due to a doctor appointment in Blue Ridge. I got a clean bill of health from the cardiologist, and was free to go!
Mr Wazoo wanted to go to the nursery since we were already in Blue Ridge, so off we went. Several plants later, we trekked home; me to the studio, and the gardener to the yard.
My work continued with the custom oriental-feeling wall hanging. It was slow going because of all the ruler work, but I'm pleased so far. I think I'll get most, if not all, of it done tomorrow.

Mr Wazoo spent the day planting his new grasses and flowers. The rock gardens are thriving and more plants are coming up every day. It is looking quite lovely.

Hosta and lilies well underway

Knock out roses living up to their name

These pansies have bloomed all winter! 

Late in the day, I decided to finish the borders on the guild raffle quilt. I have just to add the applique and I can start the quilting!!

Molly posing in her new lime green collar

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