Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday sunshine

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Georgia, and I will be spending most of it indoors trying to get caught up on the work I missed last week.
The second trunk show and class went wonderfully well, and the dinner afterwards was the icing on my cake! We laughed, chatted and ate great southern cooking at Southern Charm in Blue Ridge.
Today, I am forgoing my usual self indulgent sewing and  tying up loose ends on the memory quilt project and (hopefully) the raffle quilt project. I need to get the raffle quilt border sorted out and the elements prepared for appliqué. I had better stop writing and get busy!
I hope you enjoy seeing the second group of ladies making Garden Delight blocks.

Thank you, ladies, for the lovely dinner!

Sorry, the lovely Rise was hidden in the picture.

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