Saturday, May 14, 2016

A fun break with a new quilter

I have been remiss in my blog posting, so let's get caught up!
It has been five days quilting on the Florida guild raffle quilt, and the end is finally in sight. I finished the entire center part and all the quilting on the four borders. I just need to add the veins on the lower corner leaves and the highlights on two lavender flowers. Yippee!! Oh wait...there is a pillow cover, too. That will wait until I have 'cleansed my palate' so to speak, on another quilting job.

Just a peek at some of the details
Mr Wazoo did his share of quilting this week, too, finishing this flying geese formation before tending his gardens.

Panto: Flamingo Sunset
When I was in Clarkesville, I promised one of the quilters I would have her up to the studio for a longarm lesson. Today, Dana came and we had a good time playing with the machine. She is a natural, and with some practice, will be a fine longarmer. I hope she comes back again. I had a wonderful time!
Mr Wazoo helped me get set up for Dana's visit.

Dana gets into the groove.
The yard is going crazy beautiful in the lovely Spring weather, and there are surprises every day.

I think mountain laurel is just magical looking. So delicate.

This picture has not been tweaked at all! These roses are fluorescent pink! 

Here is the shrub they are on.

I don't know what this is, but I like how it looks against the rocks.

The gardener's clematis are finally opening!
Tomorrow, we get out early to the farmer's market and then the plant nursery to pick up some flowers Mr Wazoo ordered. Then it is straight to the studio and quilting! Pictures to follow!

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