Saturday, May 21, 2016

Gray day...good for quilting!

We had a foggy, drizzly, gray day here today which means we accomplished a lot! Mr Wazoo had to stay inside and he got some primo quilting done. Our customer commissioned me to finish a baby quilt she was stymied on, and I did! She made the blocks, I added the border and made a back from a panel I had and some red fabric. The binding is a fun bias stripe, and the panto Tim did is called Popcorn.


I can't believe I didn't get a photo of the bound quilt before it was sent to Wisconsin!
This next project is a summer quilt for customer who cleverly used flannel as batting. I was skeptical at first, but it has the weight of a blanket and is very soft and drapey. I used the panto Splat!, and think it looks great. Yes, I did a pantograph...quilt too big for Mr Wazoo's table.

When I finished that one, I slipped in my own quilt and got it quilted. After supper, I finished the hand sewing and now, its ready to send to my Grandson in Arizona. Of course it has to go to guild show and tell first...

Ready for binding!

Panto: Badda Bing

I had an extra block, so it went on the back!

Label and binding

Mr Wazoo stayed busy, quilting a customer quilt for a grandson going off to college, and a customer quilt for a little girl. All in all, a jam-packed day.

He is going to Virginia Tech

Panto: Razzle

Simple, but very pretty

The customer wanted the girl's name in the border, so I added that.

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