Monday, May 9, 2016

No quilting...loads of shopping fun!

After three days of shop-hopping, I think my shopping itch has been thoroughly scratched!! What fun we had going to nine stores and finding all kinds of bargains. Here is a photo of my loot before I put it all away.
Mr Wazoo stayed busy quilting and working in the garden. He's like the Energizer bunny...he keeps going and going...
Today, I am off to Blue Ridge to do some charity sewing, and then its back to work!
Happy Mother's Day pot of soon-to-be flowers from Mr Wazoo

He planted this cute fairy garden in a big shell we got in Florida years ago.

The back garden

This is as far as we go with a vegetable garden! The rest comes from the farmer's market

Late afternoon in the side garden


I love this little chair, planted with petunias

The mountain laurel is blooming

The front garden is coming in nicely

The entrance to the studio with the new hose reel.
I tripped over the hose for the last time on Sunday.
Thanks, honey!

Farmer Tim after a long day.

I got a dozen of these beauties from my daughter!

Mr Wazoo did three quilts while I was out spending money, but only photographed this one.

Panto: Rotorua

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  1. Your garden is enviable. And he quilts, too! Enjoyed charity sewing yesterday.


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