Sunday, June 5, 2016

A day on my own

Tim took a trip to South Carolina to visit his mom, who took a tumble in the shower last week, breaking her pelvis and six ribs. It has been a tough week for his sister, who lives near his mom, and for him, because he isn't near his mom. When you're 94 years old, a fall is tantamount to your imminent demise, so both grown children are understandably worried and upset. When he got home yesterday, he said she was happy to see him, but noticeably more frail than just a week before. We're all hoping for the best. It will be a hard recovery.
Still smiling through the pain
Because I had the day to myself, I decided to do the dreaded chore of cleaning. I finished the kitchen and moved to the living area when a customer called and said she was coming right over to get her quilt. Cleaning stopped and sewing began. I figured I would sew some of the blocks I cut out last week while I waited for her and then go back to my cleaning...yeah, right.
A few hours later, the customer came, and the blocks were finished!

The pattern is from the book Happy Hour.
I also worked on the quilt I prepped the day before. I have about half the blocks quilted. I'll get back to it soon. Meanwhile, I am nursing a sore eye (how do I get these ailments?!) and will do a bit of sewing later today. Mr Wazoo is paddling around the house, wishing it wasn't going to rain so he could play outside. Too bad, so sad! I think he will have to find something else to do today. I'm going to sew!


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