Sunday, June 5, 2016

A pretty fun-day Sun-day!

Somebody was a bit grumbly over the weather this morning, but cheered up in the afternoon when the sun made an appearance. He did get a quilt done and another loaded, so I let it slide when he went out to play in the yard.
Mr Wazoo quilted this bright and funky project for his customer.

Panto: Jungle fever

What a difference some rain makes!
This garden is really booming and blooming!

Don't you love Stella d'Oro lilies? I do!
I spent the day doing what I love...sewing! I sewed the blocks from yesterday into a quilt top, and now its waiting for quilting. My guild in Blue Ridge has a challenge going on to make as many of these cute dragonfly blocks as possible. You get points for each block made, and there will be a prize for whoever makes the most blocks, or an entire quilt. I don't know if I'll have time to make a quilt, but I can sure make some blocks. Here are the ones I made today. Tomorrow, back to work! (and hopefully, the eye doctor!)
They all have striped bodies and polka dot wings!

I made six blocks. They are like potato chips...
you can't stop after just one!

I made the eyes from a black with white dots fabric. I just fussy cut the dots!


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