Friday, June 24, 2016

Custom quilt finish, and a show!

Yesterday, I worked on the custom job, and finished it in time for my guild meeting in Blue Ridge. I am pleased with how it looks, and think the customer will be, too.

Here is the quilt

The butterflies, swirly bits and feathers

Star point and squares quilting
A peek at the back
After I finished the quilt, I was off to Blue Ridge to guild and the fiber arts show. Here are some shots at the show. Recognize anything?!

Now I have to get back to work! I will post later this evening when there is more to show.
Later...Mr Wazoo finished the quilt he was working on and loaded another before being distracted by a truck load of stone. Out he went and hasn't been seen since! I did find him on my walk to the top to get supper started. Seems he has been digging and planning for the new walkway. Another big digging project...better him than me!

Panto: Daisy Swirl

Molly waits patiently for her kibble. Tim has a patriotic quilt on in the background

Here is where the action is! will be full of action tomorrow.
I put on a pretty show quilt for a loyal customer. The pattern and fabrics are really nice, but...

While doing the stitch in the ditch, I was surprised by something. Do you see it?!

The real quilting starts tomorrow.

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