Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm back!

The retreat was wonderful and I had a fun and relaxing time there. The venue in NC is absolutely gorgeous (The Hinton Center), up in the mountains and in the woods. The beds were a little hard, but we didn't spend a lot of time there, so who cares? Next time, I'll take a foam pad to put under the sheet, and my own quilt instead of the nylon spread. I got right to work and made the 10 pillowcases, followed by four quilt tops! Now, I just have to get them all quilted. I did the two smaller ones on Sunday, as well as one of the bigger ones. The rest need to wait...I have loads of work to do.

I just did a meander on the two small quilts. This one has cute animals on the front and bugs on the flannel back

More meandering on this pretty bird quilt

Ticking stripe flannel on the back

I did a new pattern on this modern quilt. Its called Diamonds are forever

I really like the panto on this quilt!
While I was away, Mr Wazoo stayed busy quilting these customer projects.

Sunday afternoon, I quilted, added lace and bound this sweet baby quilt for a new Grandma's soon-to-be grandbaby.
She told me she's not a quilter. I think she did a pretty good job!

I rounded the corners to help keep the lace flat to the quilt. She didn't want it sticking outward because it might be scratchy on baby's skin.

The Angel Wings panto was perfect for the butterfly patterned fabric. The backing is a soft flannel and she wanted Quilters Dream puff for the batting. It is a cozy, soft quilt. I finished the hand sewing last night, and she picked it up today.(Along with her husband. I get quite a few customers who bring their husbands to see the size of my stash. It justifies their stash!)
On the machine today is a quilt for a Florida customer. It is the big star pattern that many quilters have made. This one has butterfly fabric as its focus, so I made a template for marking of a stylized butterfly. Mr Wazoo drew it for me and I cut it from template plastic. I'll see how it works tomorrow after I get home from the guild board meeting.

The stitch in the ditch is done as well as the two small inner borders. I tried marking the butterflies with pounce and with a chalk pencil. I think I will go with the pencil, even though it takes longer to mark. It is easier to see.
Mr Wazoo completed one quilt and loaded his quilt for tomorrow. He even has his bobbins wound and ready! I will be on the quilt I started today for a few days, I think. Stay tuned!!

He finished this quilt today...

and loaded this one for tomorrow. Here he is at the bobbin winder. What a guy!

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  1. You sure got a lot done at retreat!!!!! Did you have everything pre cut? A couple of Mr. W's customer quilts are quite modern and attractive. I enjoy seeing what other people have done for tops and how you both help them choose a quilting pattern and finish them up.


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