Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Long live the queen!

Yesterday morning I went to Hiawassee to get my new crown. I sure didn't feel royal while it was happening; I felt like the weenie I am when it comes to the dentist. It hurt! The hygienist and dentist did their best to allay my fear, but it was not a pleasant experience. On the way home, I did a few errands and by the time I got home, the pain was gone. Hurrah! Long live the queen!
Mr Wazoo was already hard at work, having finished one quilt and loaded another. He is really focused when there is work to be done.

This modern beauty was quilted while I was at the dentist.

This two color quilt is his next project
Progress on the second quilt was stopped when Mr W realized the hopping foot got caught on every intersection of the blocks. It is so important for quilters to press properly to get a nice flat quilt! All the corners of the blocks were pressed to one side, making hard lumps at each corner. They stick up about 1/4 inch, making it impossible to quilt over them without pulling the quilt top and distorting the pattern. After a call to the Gammill tech man, Mr W tweaked his machine, raising the hopping foot slightly so he could glide it over the offending areas. He will have to re-adjust it when the quilt is done.
I loaded a Christmas quilt and began the partial-custom quilting with the stitch in the ditch around the borders. The center of the quilt gets a pantograph (Featherize) and the borders are done custom.
The customer requested piano keys in the outer border, and this is where I quit yesterday. I should be able to get it done this morning and get on to another quilt later today.

Christmas in May!

Panto in the center, holly in the first border. One border to go!
We quit working at 6:00, I had to make supper and Mr Green-Jeans went out to spend some quality time with his garden. He spent about an hour and a half dead-heading the rose bushes. 

My Mother's Day pot is going great guns!

This picture doesn't capture the true color of the geraniums.
They are a deep blood red and are just beautiful.

Molly doesn't care...she just wants to get in and have her kibble!

The gardens are coming along, filling out more and blooming like crazy. We love it here!!

The side yard
Things are filling in

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  1. I've had several crowns, and am very pain sensitive. You should feel pressure, but not pain. If it hurts, your dentist should give you more painkiller or wait longer before starting. Assert yourself.


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