Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday in the studio

Both Mr Wazoo and I worked all day in the studio quilting to our favorite tunes. I finished the custom hand embroidered quilt, and it is really nice. The quilt is perfectly made, no points cut off or thick block intersections. A joy to work on. I know I went a bit nuts taking pictures, but there are so many little scenes to look at!
The camera doesn't do this justice. The colors are rich and warm.

I love the kid on the inner tube

Quilting the blocks was fun, too.

See the kid throwing the snowball? Cool!

Looks like a Wisconsin farm.

The back is really a dark brown. The camera color is wrong.
Mr Wazoo quilted a large bed quilt, and I think it turned out to be very pretty. I'd put it on my bed, for sure!
Panto: Alfresco

The quilt is quiet and elegant.
Next, he quilted this sweet kitchen wall hanging that is going to be a house warming present from the customer. So the writing wouldn't be obscured, it was quilted with invisible thread. This also makes it hard to take a decent photo of the quilting.

It has quilting, but it is hard to see.
When I finished up for the day, I made the label for the commissioned baby quilt. I will do the hand sewing tonight and it will be mailed to the new baby tomorrow. This is one of my favorite Michael Miller fabrics. At the time, I bought all there was on the bolt and have made many quilts using it. I think I could get one more baby quilt out of what I have left. I bought it years ago at Ben Franklin! A blast from the past!!
The label turned out pretty cute!

I used my favorite pattern for the quilt.

I love the kid on the potty pointing at his belly button.

The panto is Angel wings.

The backing fabric has wash hanging on the line.
I  think its perfect!

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