Thursday, June 23, 2016

The end of the work day

I promised to show you the quilting I am doing on the latest customer quilt, so here it is! The black parts of the quilt are finished and the colored parts are well under way. I did go back to marking the outer border using pounce powder and a foam brush, since I was using  a stencil.
One of the black squares with fat feathers

I used this stencil I picked up at a guild yard sale for 10 cents!
I use pounce powder and a foam brush to mark it

Here's what it looks like sewn

The star points are marked with a ruler and my trusty chalk pencil

Patterned points are quilted with subtle variegated thread

Here are my registration markings

Then, I use my longarm ruler to quilt the outlines

The swirls are free-motion quilted

The solid star points get brighter variegated thread
quilted in an outlined swirl pattern

Looking good!

Mr Wazoo worked on finishing the Garden Delight quilt, and starting on a new quilt.
This one has a variety of beautiful florals on a soft beige batik background.


He's on to the next quilt; this big purple and green bed quilt.

New lilies in the garden!

And these pretty flowers, too.

One of the hybrid lilies we got at the master gardener sale last year.

The dahlias are coming on, as well. I wish you could see their deep red velvety color in person.
The picture doesn't do them justice!


  1. I have a chalk pencil just like yours. How do you get the stuff out when you are finished, or does it just disappear as you are quilting? I do a combination of flicking, brushing, and beating, but I usually don't machine quilt. I like the continuous butterflies!

    1. I use old tee shirts for wiping off the chalk. They work great. I have loads of them from all the tee shirt quilts I make.


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