Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another finish, and some charity work.

We were all excited yesterday when Mark Sherman came to our guild to speak and show his quilts. Some of the members got to take his class today, but I stayed in the studio and finished the custom quilt I have been working on.
Mark Sherman and his famous butterfly quilt
The shabby Chic quilt turned out so beautiful, I am thinking I need to make one for the guest room. (This would be about number 20 on the possible guest room quilts I want to make!)

I used Quilter's Dream wool to give the quilt the definition the customer wanted.

Quilting in the blocks

Quilting in the borders

A look at the back
Mr Wazoo had an easy day in the studio, quilting a small baby quilt and a table runner before going outside to trim some trees.
Cute baby quilt.

Panto: Popcorn
Table runner
Panto: Star Spangled Banner
In the afternoon, I quilted and added binding to two comfort quilts for the Blairsville guild. These will be given for comfort to members who are having a life crisis.

When you feel beat, and consider giving up...consider these little flowers, that came up through the gravel driveway to face the sun. We didn't plant them; they just had a will to survive!!

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