Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another Sunday Fun-day!

I take my day off fairly seriously, so today, I had fun!
Maryann gave me some tumbler blocks, so I played with them for a while and made a little quilt top for charity.
I only had a small amount of the blue dot fabric I wanted for the sashing, so I didn't sash every row.

Sashing completed, now, I need a border

After auditioning reds, blues and greens; I settled on this yellow print.

Just needs quilting! Another Sunday, I think.
Janet gave me enough of the dragonfly blocks for two quilts, and I had already made one of them. These blocks are the ones with faces. It was fun to put together!

The blocks are adorable!

I chose this small floral for the sashing.

I tried lots of different stripes before choosing this one for the border.
Another charity quilt awaiting quilting.
Right now, I am working on a challenge for my Florida guild, 'Follow the Sun'. I must have had fifty fabrics out to make the background with. Here is what I came up with.

Background finished, I just have to make the foreground elements.
I like it so far!
Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo quietly quilts in his end of the studio, working on tee shirt quilts for a Florida customer. One is done, and he is doing the second one.

Panto: Pizzazz
The quilt I have been working on is waiting for some custom quilting. I finished the stitch in the ditch and the center pieced portion yesterday, and have since marked the quilting in the border. This customer makes beautiful hand embroidered quilts. If you have followed the blog for a while, you've seen her work before.
A bit of Christmas in July!

Oh yes, Molly would throw a snit fit if I didn't mention her makeover and show you how pretty she looks. She smells nice, too!

 Now, back to the studio! Sunday Fun-Day isn't over yet!


  1. So many fun projects! I've long wondered how you got your husband into quilting? :)

  2. One day he came home from work at Home Depot and said he thought he could do what I do. I taught him to run the machine, had him do a pantograph and he was hooked. He quit his job, bought his own machine and even went to the longarm convention with me and took some classes! He is very precise and does a wonderful job.


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