Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday sewing

The internet is still beating me up, but I have prevailed! At least, I hope so.
Mr Wazoo started his day quilting a customer project, and then he went digging.

Panto: Weatherize
 I spent the day doing the laundry and sewing. Well, mostly sewing...

I sewed the rows together on the quilt from yesterday. Then, I auditioned numerous fabrics for an inner border before giving up and hanging it up for later.

I still had the second transportation panel, so I found a nice plaid shirting for the sashing  and finished the top before lunch!

After lunch, I quilted it with the same backing as the other one. I just finished hand sewing  the binding during Endeavour on PBS.
Next, I cut apart a cloth book panel and made some wonky blocks from the pages by adding wide strips to all sides and then cutting them with the square ruler tipped to the side. Tomorrow, I will add the red sashing and striped cornerstones. I think it will be a cute charity quilt for very little effort.
To all my friends and blog readers, Have a happy Independence Day. Fly the flag, if you have one!

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