Friday, July 29, 2016

Very pleasant Friday

My customer sent a partially finished tee shirt quilt, or should I say quilts!? There was one for the front and one for the back. She sent along the borders, already sewn, with a note saying she was hopelessly frustrated with it and couldn't finish it. Most of the morning was spent trimming, sewing and making the back big enough. Then, I added the borders, quilted it and added binding. Tonight, I am doing the hand sewing while watching Inspector Lewis.

During the day, I took in some lovely quilts and made a new friend. The whole day was pleasant and comfortable. Some afternoon rain and bratwurst for supper...perfect!

This is the front. 

Here is the back!

Panto: Modern twist
Mr Wazoo hasn't been remiss either, quilting a flurry of bear paws on this outdoorsman quilt. My friend, Gert, would love it! It has awesome wolf fabric featured both front and back.

The customer asked for bear paw quilting to go with the bear paw blocks!

Panto: Bear paw (duh!)

A bit blurry, but this is the backing fabric.
The only dilemma  of the day is this quilt I'm repairing. Does anyone know of a fabric like this? The 'blobs' are about an inch high. Please email me if you have info on any fabric that looks like this one. Thanks! Time to sew.

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