Friday, July 15, 2016

What did you do today, Susan?

What did I do today?... My customer came early on to pick up the ginormous finished wedding quilt. She was thrilled, and so was her husband. I stayed up pretty late doing the hand sewing, but I'm glad to have it finished and gone to its new home. I spent the rest of the day quilting the charity tops I made last weekend while listening to the news from France. So very sad... the world is a mess right now. We all need to hold each other up.

Tumbler quilt, quilted and binding on.

Another dragonfly quilt. This is the one without faces.

I made this dragonfly quilt. You may remember the blocks from a couple of weeks ago. A good Sunday project!

I added binding of the same green as the back.
Mr Wazoo quilted a French braid quilt. He went on and on about how perfect and wonderful it was. He even took a picture of how straight the bottom was! I think I should make one for him...
He's right! This quilt is perfectly straight, square and flat! Good job Meliss!

He photographed it sideways, but it is beautiful anyway.
It is a wedding present.

Panto: Come dance with me
Mr W spent the remainder of the day outside. We had a nice rain that cooled things off for a while, so he was happy. I loaded and started quilting on a project I made at the Blue Ridge guild retreat. I'll finish it up tomorrow, then back to customer work. Right now, I'm watching PBS and hand sewing bindings.


  1. Love that modern quilt at the end of the post. Our Modern Guild meets at Bless My Stitches on the second Thursday night of the month. Let me know if you are interested.

  2. I may try that dragonfly as a good Sunday project. Your quilting is gorgeous on all of those beautiful quilts. Your work space is so well organized, too. Thank you for sharing a variety of pieces with us.

    Yes, I agree that we all need to do whatever we can do to hold each other up. The heartbreak is unbearable.


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