Thursday, August 18, 2016

A big finish!

Yesterday, on my way to the studio, I put my Wisconsin trip souvenir on my car...
Go Badgers!
Then it was time to get back to work on this quilt. I had finished all the stitch in the ditch the day before and began the quilting in earnest.

Late today, I finished it! If you remember, I made this same pattern last year and had it in the guild show here in Georgia. I took it to Florida for show and tell at my guild there, and my customer saw it and fell in love with the pattern. She re-interpreted the design and made it her own. Both are beautiful, and the quilting isn't bad, either!

Barbara's version of the quilt, Forest Galorest

My version is on point. I called it, Backyard HOA.
Mr Wazoo worked along with me on his Gammill, finishing these pretty quilts.

The customer said this was called Path to the Cabin. I love the secondary
chain made by the dotted fabric squares.

Panto: Alfresco

This tee shirt quilt is the first  quilt Mr W did without any batting!
The customer just wanted a light blanket for TV watching.

Panto: Square Spiral on the soft flannel back.

The same customer made this quilt from a layer cake pre-cut and a charm pack.

Panto: Flamingo Sunset

This customer made a guitar quilt for her son. Pretty fabric combination.

Panto: Vanilla Cream
When Molly and I broke for lunch, we passed the butterfly bush in the side garden. It was teeming with butterflies! I wish the photos with lots of them on the bush were better. It is hard to pick them out in all that foliage. Here are a couple of the closer ones I took while they were drinking up the nectar, oblivious of my presence. At the foot of the garden is a pot of begonia on a stump. A nice way to camouflage an eyesore in the yard!

At quitting time, I took a few minutes to fuse a couple of blocks for the guild charity quilt challenge.  There are six in a quilt, and I only had four from other quilters. I need to do the buttonhole stitching, but they are ready and waiting. Now, its time for spaghetti!!

My two blocks, ready to fly onto a quilt with the other dragonflies!

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