Friday, August 5, 2016

A day without a quilt is like a day without sunshine!

My plan for today was to make a quilt for my friend who I am going to see at the class reunion. She recently lost her husband, and I thought a quilt would be a nice sympathy gesture. I had already cut the strips for a quilt at the last retreat, but didn't get to sew it together there, so I decided to make it today.
I got all the blocks made and assembled into the quilt body by lunchtime.

After lunch, I added a small inner border and an outer border to make it a nice couch sized quilt, 62 x 73.
I got the back made and then it was off to the quilting races.

Borders on! Ready for quilting.

All quilted, binding made and applied. Ready for hand sewing and its only 5:30!
I think that's a new record for me; made the whole quilt and quilted it, added binding, hours of work.

I had the panto Primrose swirl already on the table, so I used it again.

I bought the fabric for the backing for the horse blanket I did for a customer  few months ago.
This quilt was just right for the leftover pieces.
During the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, I did the hand sewing and finished the quilt! Tomorrow, I'll get a label on it.

Here's a recap of the last two weeks charity work. The customer quilts are all back with their happy owners. I change gears tomorrow and get the car ready, pack and do a little last minute shopping for Mr Wazoo's food.

Homeless shelter quilts

Comfort quilts

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