Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Finally finished! And a new project for Mr Wazoo...

When I opened the studio early this morning, I looked at the pitiful blocks on the design wall and set about helping them. Because the original quilt was done on point and really looked great, I decided not to fight success and put this little left over quilt on point as well.

Now, that's better!! Do you like the setting triangles? I sure do!

But the little quilt would have to wait; I had the paper pieced quilt on the frame calling to me to hurry up and quilt! The black parts took most of the morning and just a bit of the afternoon, finally changing to colored thread at 3:30pm. At 5:30 the quilt was finished and trimmed! Yippee!!

The back is a wild batik!

Once this challenge was done, I began sewing the little quilt's rows together. I only got the three upper left hand corner done because it was after 6:00 and I had to start supper.

With a little luck, I may get the top put together tomorrow
While I was stir-frying veggies for dinner, I heard a big rumbly sound and Molly got all worked up like someone was here. I went outside and there was a guy on an earth mover moving earth! Remember, it is well after 6pm when this happened. There in the thick of it was Mr Wazoo, like a kid in a candy store, following the guy around and enjoying the action. Sigh... It is now 7:30, I ate my dinner, and now there are two guys and Hubby out in the driveway framing up and leveling the ground for the cement trucks tomorrow.

The origin of the rumble just outside the kitchen door!

Mr Wazoo dug the trench and laid in conduit for the electricity for his shed.
It will be under a load of cement tomorrow at this time.

The second guy continued earth moving while Hubby and Guy #2 inspected wood for the forms.

Wood laid out but not made into forms yet

Notice how Mr Wazoo supervises  while Guy #2 unloads the wood

Rumbling and wood moving continued, but the food was ready and I eat when it's hot!
At 7:45 the Hubster came in to shower. I guess I better get his dinner re-heated.
Never a dull moment at chez Wazoo! Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode.

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  1. Home Improvement--next to quilting, what a wonderful hobby! I love Mr. Wazoo stories.


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