Sunday, August 21, 2016

This and that

For me, Sunday is my day to do what I want. Of course I wanted to sew! Remember these dragonfly blocks? I scoured the stash and found the perfect fabrics for the sashing, cornerstones and borders. Then I got to work!

upper left and lower right are the blocks I made the other day.
The other four were made by other guild quilters.

All finished and ready for quilting!
I made the back and hung both up for another day.
This top has been on the design wall too long! I took it down and added the small blue border before hanging it up for later, too. I think it needs a scrappy piano key border...

One more border and it will be queen sized!
I did a little work, too. This quilt is a custom job for a customer in Florida. I  finished all the stitch in the ditch, and will be ready for the quilting tomorrow morning.

Half done by lunch...SID done by 2:00!

Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo worked in his new shed, putting up shelves and hooks for his yard tools. He is thrilled to have all his yard stuff in one place and organized. at the end of the day, he triumphantly drove his tractor in and locked the door!

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