Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sewing day

I spent most of yesterday sewing the dragonfly blocks into quilt tops. The ladies in the Blue Ridge guild provided enough blocks to make five quilts! As you know, I finished two the other day after work. Yesterday, I decided to sew up the remaining three quilts and get them out of the way. I will get them quilted and bound today.

Mr Wazoo differed this quilt to me, due to the complexity of the quilting pattern. I really like this pattern. It has a Zen like flow to it and I can breeze right along with it. To each his own. He is so good at other pantos, I just did it without much of a fight, but he did blow his Employee of the Month award. Oh well, there is always October!

Oh, Kaffe, I do love your fabrics.

Panto: Modern Twist
I used this same pattern on my Kaffe quilt with the chevron stripes, remember?

She used this yowza of a Kaffe fabric on the back.
An all around stunning quilt.
Mr Wazoo quilted this strippy, scrappy oriental feeling quilt. The fabrics have a bit of gold in them, so he used gold thread.

Panto: Swirl and Twirl
After Some Sunday morning breakfast, its back to the studio and quilting, quilting, quilting!

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