Thursday, September 22, 2016

The long, long slog

Yesterday, both Mr Wazoo and I spent the day each quilting just one quilt. He had a beautiful batik log cabin, and I had the Farmer's Wife quilt from the day before. The workshop hummed all day with no conversation, and we both finished our task by 5:30. He went outside to commune with his gardens, and I perused the new Connecting Threads catalog. It was a long, arduous day all around, but it feels so good to be this far along in a custom project. Today, I'll quilt the borders and finish it up!

All the blocks are finished, and now, I need to do the borders.
Even the backing on this quilt is wonderful! See it there, around to take-up roller?

This is a lovely quilt!

Panto: Featherize

A peek at the back


  1. The lovely quilt caught my eye in my reader. Oh, so pretty! Your quilting makes it just sparkle.


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