Thursday, October 6, 2016

A finish and a start!

Yesterday, I finished the feathered star quilt, and it will go out today to Michigan, and its owner.

The center medallion. I should have taken a closer picture. 
After the quilt was off and trimmed, I spent the rest of the afternoon prepping a repair project for evening sewing. This little quilt has about 90 spots that need repair, and some that need all new pieces. Thanks to my friend, Marlene, I have the old fabrics to do the work! I put a safety pin in wherever I need to do some repair.

Because both front and back need repairs, I think this will be at least a week long project...there are lots of places where I have added batting, too! Here are a couple of pictures of what it looks like in progress.

I stick the pins in the chair arm as I go along...
probably no good for the chair, but it works for me!

One of the new pieces waiting to be appliqu├ęd in and quilted over.

The bottom of the picture has been repaired,
the top shows pins in places I need to work on.
Before the day was done, I did load the next quilt and do about half of the stitch in the ditch. Mr Wazoo was working on a tee shirt quilt a customer made for her son.

The man at work.
I sincerely hope my Florida friends are hunkering down in preparation for hurricane Matthew, and that it doesn't cause the damage predicted by the weather channel. Living in the mountains makes us feel safer, but our hearts still break for the people in harm's way. By tomorrow, we'll know how it went.


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