Saturday, October 1, 2016

Another week in the books

Both Mr Wazoo and I have been working in the studio this week, and we are making some headway on the long line of quilts in the queue. Mr Wazoo would rather be outside in the glorious weather we have been having, but soldiered on and will be rewarded with two days of yard work this weekend. The quilts I have to do keep me so busy, that I will never be caught up; but that is really what we want here at Wazoo...endless quilt projects! Let's take a look at what happened in the last few days.

Mr Wazoo started with this pinwheel quilt

I love how the close-up shows the sweet lily of the valley fabric. Panto: Swirl and Twirl

I quickly quilted this rush project for a customer whose best friend has cancer and
is being released from the hospital for home care.

We used Quilters Dream Puff for the batting, because the customer wanted it to be soft and lofty.
The puff batting really shows the definition of the panto, Basketweave.

The customer cut her backing the same size as the front, so I added a pattern of
blue and brown fabric to make it big enough to quilt on the Gammill.

While Mr Wazoo quilted three table runners, I tackled three small quilts with oceanic themes.

This collection of fabric with the whale and heron theme is really
attractive made into a lap quilt.

Panto: Seashells on the whale backing

Another sea themed collection, this one with mermaids and whales

The customer requested seashells on both her quilts

I don't know if these are gifts or not, but they are all quite pretty!

Each one is done with gold thread and a different leafy pantograph.

The Christmas themed one has the Holly Berries  Panto.

My customer's friend made her quilt the same as the other one, but I quilted it with a
windy and wavy pantograph, Quirky.

Looking good!
Before quitting for the day, I put on a top I finished a couple of weeks ago. Years ago, a customer brought a box of blocks and block pieces to barter for quilting. There were enough strips and already made blocks to make a good sized quilt, so I did the deal and got the box. On a Sunday, I made more of the blocks ( I think the fabrics are from the 50s or 60s) and sewed the top together. I picked up the toile fabric at a recent sale for $4 a yard! Yippee!! This will be a utility quilt for the guest room.

I went for a more modern setting, kind of like broken dishes or pinwheels,
depending on how your brain sees it.

A modern nod to the past with the Texas Fan panto.

Here's a look at the great red and white toile on the back.
Today, I will be quilting a really big block of the month quilt. I think it will be an all day engagement... See you on the flip-side!

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