Monday, October 10, 2016

Just work...

A couple of customer quilt pick-ups and a lot of quilting filled the day for me. Mr Wazoo had a doctor's appointment in the morning and spent the rest of the day planting shrubs and mulching. He is still outside at 6:15 watering things. I'm hoping he comes in soon, because I am really beat and don't want to be making supper at 8 pm!
We were supposed to be in Hiawassee today, helping a customer put her new longarm machine and table together, but had to re-schedule because of Mr W's appointment. Another day...
This is the beautiful Jacqueline de Jonge ' Be Colorful' quilt my customer made, and I am having a blast quilting it. The stitch in the ditch was boring, but I finished it before lunch.

Ditching done! Ready for quilting.
I spent the rest of the day quilting with various variegated threads, and finally, black for the background. I will probably finish the background quilting tomorrow. Until then, here are a few shots of my progress so far. See you tomorrow!

The border

Some of the stars and flying geese.

Detail in the center medallion.

The quilt center.


  1. It's beautiful! What kind of machine do you quilt with?

  2. WOW. THAT looks like a prize winner, for sure!

  3. WOW. THAT looks like a prize winner, for sure!

  4. What an amazing quilt and your quilting is stunning.


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