Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mr Wazoo does some 'Studio Improvement'

Things were buzzing in the studio yesterday...literally. Mr Wazoo made me a happy girl by adding more thread drawers in the studio. We got a shipment of thread last week, and had no space to store/display it. We have been putting it on a shelf that doesn't roll out, but this makes it hard to see what's there. Problem solved!

This is what we have for the thread.
Mr Wazoo made these when we got the shelf units.

Here is what the shelves look like empty.

Mr Wazoo in the garage next door to the studio, making new rolling shelves for the thread

Its always like Christmas morning when the new thread comes!

Two more done and installed!

I love that they roll out so I can see all the thread choices.

Some of the thread that has been on a stationery shelf.
Meanwhile, I had work to do! Despite the loud sawing and banging behind me in the garage, I quilted this monster block of the month beauty.

This is how far along I was by lunch time.

At 3:45, it was done!

You can see how big this quilt is from the back of the machine!

Panto: Primrose Swirl
There was another quilt in the queue that was slated for Primrose Swirl, too, so I loaded it up and quilted it before stopping for the day. I'm sure Mr Wazoo will have all the thread put away and be back at his machine later today. ( I think he is vying for Employee of the Month again...)

My customer made this quilt for a raffle to benefit the Chippewa Nation.
She sewed the top while living in an RV! 

She requested variegated thread on the front and the back.

I chose a King Tut thread with red, yellow and orange in the mix.
Looks good!
After supper, I settled in and finished another hand project, repairing an old quilt for another happy customer. I'll say it again...I love my job!


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