Monday, October 31, 2016

Odds and ends

Mostly odds... I worked all day doing invisible thread stitch in the ditch on a custom quilt. Mr Wazoo is quilting a HUGE Crown Royal bags quilt. Neither of us finished the task. I ran into problems with fullness in the borders, and Mr Wazoo's quilt back still wasn't big enough! You may remember my last post about the slinky sheets and making the back... seems I had the wrong dimensions for the quilt, and made the back too small. I unzipped it, made a new piece and sewed it to the side. Re-zipped it and he was off to the races. Unfortunately, this detour made my start time 11:30, and time was flying!
The new machine made me cry today. I am so bad at the Windows OS that it took forever to find the correct video for loading a partial-float quilt. Needless to say, I didn't start anything until after greeting two customers and logging in their quilts, and having a bite of lunch. Much quilting and swearing ensued.I finally gave up at 6:45.
What do you do when all has gone to the dogs? Look at old photos. Here is where the 'odd' comes in. Blast from the past pictures!
Here is the magazine from 1981 and the quilt My friend Terri and I made for a customer from the kit her mother bought way back when. It was a challenge, but we had a great time figuring out the very bad instructions and making the quilt together. I miss Terri. Mr Wazoo just quilted a tee shirt quilt she made...the one with the colorful sashing. Anyway, here are some old but nice pictures.

The finished quilt

The magazine she gave us to use for instructions
The next pictures are for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

The best dog costume ever!!

Fu Man Dechen

My scary (and slightly nuts) son, DIL and grandthing.
Oh yeah, how to you fix a broken pumpkin? With a pumpkin patch!! ha ha ha

Happy Halloween to you all!

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  1. That Halloween Support Group is the best Halloween joke I've seen this year! I love corny puns.


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