Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Quiet, nice day in the studio

The autumn weather has made working nicer! We have had the windows open for a couple of days, and the breeze has been wonderful. It helps to be in a comfortable room when quilting something nerve wracking. That was me today. The feathered star quilt has been a difficult one from the beginning for me. It is an intimidating pattern in that it has such formality to it, and I am not a formal type quilter.I have spent many evenings looking at pictures of other quilts trying to devise a plan for this one. Once I got started, I was okay, but did a lot of picking out along the way. I finished all the magenta thread quilting before calling it quits for the day.

The only color besides black, gray and white in this quilt is magenta.I decided to use it in the black areas 

I used it in the patterned fabric, too, but its hard to see.
You probably think I was fooling around all day to get such a small amount done, but you are wrong! We had four customers come with quilts and one with tee shirts for a quilt, and that takes time away from the quilting machine. I love my customers, and try to give them the attention they deserve for bringing their treasures to me and trusting me to make them special.
Mr Wazoo did some yard work before starting in the studio. He quilted this summer spread for a customer today. This was the first time he did a quilt with no batting. The project has flannel on the back. I think it came out great!

Pretty quilt with decorative stitching over all the seams!

See the stitching? So sweet!

Flannel backing, panto: Quirky
Tomorrow, we start fresh...windows open and ready to roll. A customer is coming at 9:30, so I can't sip coffee in my pjs too long!

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