Saturday, October 15, 2016

Quilt repair almost finished!

I have been working on the vintage quilt repair for about a week of evenings, and finished the front last night! There are some holes in the muslin back left to do, but they are too boring to show you. I will replace the binding  with wide binding like what's there already, to keep it looking like the original. This was a lot of handwork!! Every time I fixed a torn patch, I found another place that needed repair. Oh well, it is looking good now!

Looking good!

I don't know the name of this block, but it is complicated.

One of the 'Before' pictures

More 'Before'

Another 'Before' shot
Mr Wazoo was gone all day yesterday, too, working on the longarm assembly for a friend. I loaded this beauty and did the stitch in the ditch and quilted all the pieced blocks! I need to do the plain blocks and border.

It's fun to look at all the fabric choices while quilting. Some of them are
beautiful, and some humorous! Grasshoppers playing pianos!

I got the binding done on this quilt I quilted a couple of days ago, too. My sister pieced the top. It will be a charity quilt.
Batik quilt made by my sister

Panto: Basketcase

The binding is a seashell fabric, just the right colors!
After work, I started yet another quilt I have always wanted to make. Probably not the best idea; having two quilt assemblies going at once, but I just wanted to do it!
Block number one

No goofing around today! I will be quilting until 5:30 or 6:00 and then cutting pieces for the back repair of the quilt I finished last night. Maybe I'll goof off tomorrow...

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