Friday, October 7, 2016

Some quilting and a grand day out

I am posting this a day late, but it is because I was out and about on a shop hop today. Mr Wazoo held down the fort, and quilted a king sized quilt in my absence. I'll post that tomorrow. Here are the quilts we finished yesterday.

Mr W did this nice tee shirt quilt for a customer's grandson.

Panto: Dazzle

Here is the small wall hanging I started a couple of days ago

The back is pretty cool, too!

Quilting detail

I decided to show you the first of the three quilt repairs I am doing for the same customer. It is a utility quilt, found in a cabin the customer bought furnished. The former owner of the cabin said her mother made the quilts. I think it's wonderful that the new owner is having them repaired with the aim of having them displayed in the cabin.I finished this one a few days ago.

I didn't take a before picture...oops.
Can you spot the replaced blocks?

Here are three of them. Hint: The dark gray one is original to the quilt.
Today, I went with a friend to Dahlonega and Cumming on a mini shop hop. I needed some fabric for two customer commission quilts, and a few small pieces for a quilt I am planning.It was hard, but I   resisted buying all the wonderful fabrics I saw today and drooled over. I did get a couple of new seam rippers to replace the ones I broke trying to dismantle the horse blankets! Ah! Fond memories...


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