Sunday, October 30, 2016

Unusually warm Sunday sewing

 It has been record warmth for this area for a long time now, along with drought conditions bordering on extreme. The grass is brown, and the leaves turned and are falling quickly. Not the regular Fall weather. We spent the day indoors quilting, computing and sewing. Mr Wazoo started by quilting this customer tee shirt quilt. He will get it in the mail tomorrow.
The unusual sashing really makes this quilt special

Panto: Dazzle
First, I had to take apart a set of sheets (yes, I said sheets) cut the elastic and corners off fitted one, cut strips from the pieces and sew them to the flat sheet to make a backing 116 x 120 inches. You guessed right if you said, "I bet that's one big quilt!" It is. The quilter made it from Crown Royal bags. Purple and cheddar with purple slinky sheets on the back. Mr Wazoo is doing that one tomorrow on what used to be my machine. (the big Gammill) Lucky him!! I'll be starting this quilt with the stitch in the ditch.Then, I will use my spanking new Millie to do the custom quilting. I'm nervous already!
The light tan center stars are dimensional.
I managed to get the bindings applied by machine on the two charity quilts I previously quilted on the new machine, too.
Checkered binding here

Batik binding here
Last gasp of the day, I got out the fabrics for the next batch of HSTs for the quilt in progress. Ooooh, me likee!
I only cut a few squares before I had to go start supper.
These remind me of something...
Oh yeah...Fall!

Back at the top of the hill and ready for some cooking.

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