Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekend quilting and sewing

Yesterday, we worked in the studio as well as doing some much needed house clean-up. Mr Wazoo does the outside cleaning, and I do the inside... Needless to say, I did very little on my end, but did vacuum the studio and put away the stuff I got on the shop hop.
While I was shop- hopping, Mr W quilted this big lime green quilt on my machine. When I got home, I did the memory quilt for a customer who made it from her Dad's clothes and photos.

Big and green!!

Panto: Big Splat

Woo-ee! That's lime green!

Heartwarming memory quilt to keep the customer
wrapped in a father's hug.

She wanted the quilting to be loose and open. The quilt is very soft.

Brushed plaid homespun on the back. It feels like flannel.

Today, I quilted three charity quilts for another customer before taking the afternoon to start a project of my own. I have been wanting to make the quilt since 2007, and today is the day I started it!

Three nice charity quilts

Panto on all three: Basket case
All the applique pieces are ready, and the piecing fabrics gathered.
Mr Wazoo spent the day outside raking the grass and cutting back the plants in the gardens. It is really feeling like Fall, and the leaves have begun their color show on the mountains. I love it!

Color in the front...

color in the back...

we even have color on the side!

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