Thursday, November 17, 2016

Busy bees in the workshop

The holiday rush is on, and we are feeling the heat! Eight quilts came in today, adding to the rapidly filling rack of quilts waiting in line to be done. Tee shirt quilts have been popular with two done, one almost ready to quilt and two more in the queue. Mr Wazoo did this Peachtree Run quilt that will be a Christmas gift for the quilt maker's son, who runs the race every year. I love the peach fabric she used in the sashing.

Panto: Square spiral

The back is this cute sneaker fabric
I started the day prepping tee shirts for a commissioned quilt for another customer. All the cutting and fusing is tedious, but once it's done, everything goes along smoothly.

Shirts prepped and arranged.I did move a couple after taking the picture.

 Once the shirts were prepped, I was able to switch gears and quilt a small quilt to deliver in Blue Ridge on Thursday evening at guild.

I went back to the tee shirts after that and got the top assembled and ready to quilt tomorrow. Mr W quilted a customer sampler for pick up tomorrow, too.

Panto: Trailing Vine
Meanwhile, the fourth customer of the day arrived at 5:30 with a little quilt for her daughter that she needed finished by Sunday. I told her we'd try, and after she left, I made the back, quilted it, and made and applied the binding. I still had to trim the tee shirt quilt, and finally gave up and closed the studio at 6:30.

The first quilt this lady has ever made.
Her daughter graduated from FSU and these are the school colors.

Pant: Stacked Snails

I only need to sew on the top and bottom borders to be ready to quilt this.
I simply ran out of gas...

Molly spent the day at the vet surgery having the tumor removed. She has been crying since Mr W picked her up , and couldn't get a drink of water with the stupid cone on her neck. I did the un-thinkable and took it off, put a Tegaderm patch on the incision (it is way bigger than I thought it would be), and wrapped her upper body loosely with an ace wrap to protect the wound from any scratching she may attempt. She has left it alone, and after having a pain pill, some kibble, and a trip outside, seems to be feeling better. Poor baby doesn't know why she is so sore and feeling yucky.
I did the hand sewing on the binding for the hurry up quilt, and finished it. I also got two more pieces appliqu├ęd on the quilt I have been repairing. It has been a long day. Up at 7 to get the dog to the vet, work all day and now, it's 12:30 and Molly and I are off to bed. Fingers crossed that she will have a quiet night.
Tomorrow it starts anew...

The patient, resting in her bed.

The light blue patch and the long, skinny white and pink patch are new.

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