Saturday, November 12, 2016

Little verbage...lots of pictures

I'm still in the dumps over the election, but find quilting to be my solace. So here are the quilts that have been our therapy this week.

Mr W did this Chridtmas panel

Panto: Holly Berries

 This was a joint venture. He did the quilting, and I added the inspirational words.

Hard to see, but it says 'blessed'

Custom job done by me

It's fun to add little things like this bee in the quilting

Quilt of valor quilted by Mr Wazoo

Panto: Star Spangled Banner

Custom memory quilt made by a customer to honor her son

I added the borders and later, the binding, to this customer
quilt called Sparks.

Panto: Yodel

Soft flannel baby quilt, done with the computerized panto

Cute little hearts
Having the computer on the machine gave me the freedom to make all the pieces for the next repair job. I got one bit hand sewn last night, and have many more to go.

Repair project, the new piece is just below the turquoise square

Tools of the trade...
pins, pin holder, needle and thread, and scissors.

Out the window this morning, smoke instead of blue skies.
We are anxious about the forest fires burning all around our area, but hopeful they
won't reach us here.
Before going to the studio, Mr Wazoo filled the bathtub with water. The water system in our neighborhood has sprung a leak...again. This time is is in the culvert under a neighbor's driveway. The water will be off for an undetermined period, so we have prepared for flushing by filling the tub. I am not drinking a lot of water today, for sure!!
Thank you to all the veterans out there, especially my daughter who did two Iraq tours and a stint at Guantanamo. The man and I are going to a Quilts of valor ceremony today where 8 vets will be getting quilts. It should be a nice way to remember the service of so many.

My daughter

Off to work!

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