Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pup problems and computer headaches

Miss Molly has a bump on her chest that has gotten much bigger since I first noticed it after the last grooming. We went to the vet today and she has a tumor that has to be taken off. The needle aspiration was a mix of two suspicious cell types, so its best to get it off soon. She goes for surgery in two weeks to have it done. She doesn't seem to be sick or even aware there is a knot growing on her chest. Sweet girl.

Oh, Mama...don't let him hurt me!

Molly stayed under the bench for most of the visit.
Not a peep out of her for two needle biopsies and two shots!
That's four sticks, people! I would have cried!
The rest of the day, I helped Mr Wazoo with his wavy bordered quilt  while also working on the custom quilt I am using the computerized patterns on. I have finished the free motion sashings and fan blades, and have done two sides with computer motifs with some free motion to fill in the blank spots. I have to go to the laptop for a snippit of the directions, then back to the quilt to go through the steps on the tablet and sew the motif. I would probably be nearly done if I free motioned the entire quilt, but I am determined to conquer this thing!
The swirls are free motion, I did the blank areas today
and will take some pictures of the motifs tomorrow.

Mr Wazoo finished the quilting on the Crown Royal quilt, and I have to make and apply the binding. I will be a busy girl tomorrow, won't I?

All the purple bits are from the flannel bags

Binding will take a while...

Panto: Square Spiral

A peek at the soft but squidgy, slippery backing.
We'll be back in the studio tomorrow. So will Molly!

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  1. I hope all goes with Molly. It is scary when our fur kids have problems.


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