Friday, December 9, 2016

Brrrrrrrr!!! It is cold here today!

Tim spent some quality time with his plants before coming in for supper yesterday. We had the first hard freeze of the season, and he brought in the tenderest plants, and covered the ones too heavy to bring in. Sure enough, there was frost on the car this morning and the geraniums are looking spent.
The studio and living room are festive with flowering plants, so it seems to be a win-win situation!
The plants are under cover and safe again tonight.
In the studio, the Christmas quilting continues. Mr Wazoo came in from the cold to quilt a Harley Dvidson tee shirt quilt with a flaming motif. Radical!

Panto: Hot Rod

My day started with a small indulgence; quilting the pillow front for my daughter's winter decoration. While the machine chugged its way through a row of pantograph, I made the envelope back and finished the job!

Top all quilted and ready to sew

Finished pillow

The soft flannel on the back matches the quilt I made for her a month ago.

This is the quilt I did while messing about with the pillow project. 

Cute 30s wonky 4-patch

Digital daisy panto

This cheater fabric on the back is perfect for the quilt. I'll get the binding on it tonight.
I also did this bird quilt for the same customer. I found a wonderful bird panto on line and it looks perfect on this quilt!

I forgot to show you what Mr W did yesterday, so here is one of the cutest retro circus panel quilts I have seen. I love the 1950s!

Panto: Quirky

Binding done! Quilt ready to go home.
Now, I have to get back to work...I have to finish the binding on the wonky 4-patch quilt before going to bed!

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