Saturday, December 3, 2016

Wonderful rain!!

We finally had a couple of good, soaking rains. This has brought the fires under enough control in our area, that they think they will be able to handle them. Now, if only this was the case in Tennessee...
Closer to home, we have been slowing our pace a bit because we are getting caught up! Tim took some time to blow the leaves away from the house again, and even put some of the decorations on the tree! It is all decked out and ready for company.

The tee shirt quilt parade keeps on going. We got in another two this week. Mr Wazoo quilted this one with the panto, Dazzle. One of our favorite tee shirt quilt patterns.

I took a day off to do a bit of holiday sewing. I made this door banner for my daughter, and Mr W liked it so much, he wanted one for our door. So I made another one. I have to do the buttonhole stitching and get it quilted.

This one is quilted and now has buttons, too.

This one is for our door. I will probably finish it tomorrow.

We did some serious quilting, as well, moving customer Christmas gifts along.

This one block wonder is bound for New Jersey

I quilted this really big batik star quilt. Its on the way to Florida.

Digital panto: Twirling leaves

A baby quilt for a new future quilter!

Panto: Bubbles

Here is a quilt where the customer (a real artist!) hand dyed, stamped and screened the fabrics.

I had so much fun quilting this!
This block has the artist herself!

There are words and numbers in some of the blocks...

as well as funky fillers!

A look at the back
For those of you who asked about Miss Molly; she had her stitches out and is doing fine. The tumor was benign. She's back keeping the studio safe for us quilters.

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