Friday, April 1, 2016

Home again, home again, jiggedy jog

We had a wonderful time in Texas. I got to visit my Dad, my sister and her husband, my son and his wife, and my newest grandson! He sure is a sweet baby...but then, I may be a bit prejudiced on this point.
We had perfect weather for the drive home and made good time. It's always good to be home.
No quilting fairies came and did any of my work, so I went straight to it, finishing the horse blanket throw. Adding the cording and binding was a challenge, but it looked good in the end. When I called the customer to tell her it was ready, she said she had another one for me to do...oh dear.

I kick myself for not taking a 'before' picture! Of course, it was shaped like a horse and had a buckle and strap in front, along with heavy gold cord knots. I took all that off.

Panto: Square spiral

This shows the true color, the backing and the corded binding
After I finished the horse blanket, I made a commissioned baby quilt for a customer. I had another quilt loaded on my machine, so I will have Mr Wazoo do the quilting.

Quilt top and backing for a baby girl

The fabrics are soft and whimsical

The backing and the baby fabric are both Michael Miller. I love his stuff!
Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo mowed the lawn and cleaned up the yard. He even went out and bought a few new plants for the rock garden. The man loves to putter in the yard!

We'll cherish the memories of our visit with the baby until we get to see him again. One of our daughters is coming soon for a visit, so we have something to look forward to besides more work!

Good night little man!

getting sleepy

Mama and baby