Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Regular work day

Today wasn't special in any way, but we did get things done here at Wazoo. I finished up the 30s sampler quilt, and it looks very nice.

All the paint in the machine was worth it! Look how cool the back is.
When I finished the sampler, I had to decide what to do next; more blocks for the raffle quilt or quilt one of the tops I have on hand for the giveaway at my trunk show. Quilt, of course...no brainer.
This top is o-l-d!! Probably 10 years or more.
I am happy to finally get it quilted and finished.

I chose this beautiful floral backing

Panto: Featherize

The binding is black with a crackled looking beige pattern. I will get the hand sewing done tonight.

Mr Wazoo spent the day digging big holes and carting rocks around in order to plant the two pines we have had on the porch over the winter.

Glorioski, Batman! Spring has come to the mountain.

Monday, April 4, 2016

NCAA tonight...let's make this short!

 Mr Wazoo finished the McKenna Ryan from yesterday, and also a fun tee shirt quilt with psychedelic Minkie backing!

Panto: Ebb and Flow

Love this pinkie! Panto: Bayside

I worked on the raffle quilt blocks until noon, and then switched to customer quilting until quitting at 6:30.
I finished 16 of the star blocks

So I made fifteen of the snowball blocks just to see what it would look like.

I think it will be very nice!
I finished the blocks, white sashings and the borders

 It was a beautiful day outside, and I had a bit of time to enjoy a stroll around the yard before starting supper.
Sedum in bloom

pretty purple phlox
Now, excuse me while I get my game on and have a BB evening!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Chilly Sunday morning

We had a freeze alert last night, and Mr Wazoo covered the tenderest of plants in the gardens. He has all the necessary accoutrements for the job from our years in Florida, so the job went smoothly. This morning, all is well, the sun is shining, and it is pretty cool for April...40 degrees. However, I saw on the news that it snowed in my home state of Wisconsin, and is snowing as I write this up in Boston where my son lives! Could be worse.
The horse blanket customer was so thrilled, she teared up a bit when she saw the throw yesterday. Boy, that makes me happy! She has another blanket for me to transform and will be bringing it some time this week.
 This brings us to now...and another sampler with that dreaded painted white on white backing. I started it yesterday with the stitch in the ditch, and will be working it this week, custom quilting. This is the quilt at the end of the ditching, and the needle plate of my machine. Ick! the paint gets all up in the bobbin area and the inner workings of the machine. I have cleaned it to get ready for the next day of quilting, and will do so every day I work on it.

I made the binding for the customer commissioned baby quilt, and finished the hand sewing last night. Another quilt off to a happy baby, this one in New York!

The next project is the raffle quilt for the guild. I decided to just go ahead and make it and donate it to the guild rather than go through all the bother of making kits and having a long wait for the blocks to be made and turned in. I pulled reds and whites from my stash and started the cutting yesterday late afternoon. I think I will keep you in a bit of suspense while I work on the blocks.

Mr Wazoo put on the quilt he will be doing today...and then, went outside. It was such a beautiful day yesterday, how could I ask him to stay in and quilt? His passion is not the same as mine. He needs to dig and plant and be outdoors. Do what makes you happy!! Life is short; But wonderful.

Next challenge for him...McKenna Ryan fused project. Secretly, I was glad he chose to go outside!
Under the blooming dogwood tree, Mr Wazoo leveled and cleaned up another patch of dirt.
I wonder what he has in mind...
It may not look like it, but the walk to the mailbox is good exercise for us!
What a glorious day in north Georgia!