Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sad day, Sunday

June 12, 2016. Another date that will be in American  history forever. The shooting in Orlando was a shocking example of the evil power of the internet. There are so many wonderful things to be discovered on the web, but, as usual, the evil and hateful people; the crooks, swindlers and religious fanatics, the bigots and the just plain stupid people have all added their rhetoric to the mix. Guys (and gals) who feel unappreciated and ostracized are easy prey for the bad people trolling the net for gullible victims. As a society, we need to talk to each other, empathize with each other, help each other, rather than  staring at a screen 24/7 and surfing for acceptance. I feel like our younger generations are isolating themselves and becoming less tolerant of the cultural and societal differences that made America the home of the free. I am sad for them, and for what this great land has become. Pray for the survivors and the families of the dead. They were all somebody's family.

I spent the day prepping projects for the retreat; 10 pillowcase kits, three quilts all cut out and ready to sew, and the sashings and borders for the bug quilt cut.  Then, I pulled out one of my UFOs (from 3 years ago!) and quilted it. I pieced the back because I didn't really have anything I liked in a large length of fabric, and made and applied the binding. I will get the hand sewing done tonight while I watch a movie with a happy ending to try to get out of the funk I have been in since turning on the TV this morning.

I love chickens, and will keep this quilt for myself...for a while at least.

Panto: Paper chase

The pieced back

and the polka dot binding.
Mr Wazoo worked in the studio today, too, finishing this pretty sampler quilt.

Panto: Featherize
Tomorrow, I'll be busy teaching at the Sewcial. I plan to make it a fun day for the girls, and for me!

Busy days as usual

Yesterday we spent most of our time working in the studio. I hand mended two quilts for a customer whose dog got a bit chewey with them. Unfortunately, I forgot to take either the 'before' or 'after' photos before returning them to their owner. Oops.
Mr Wazoo quilted a modern quilt. I think it is very interesting. When I had finished the repairs, I quilted the top I made at the retreat. It will be a quilt for the homeless shelter. I bound it in the same green as the inner border.
Modern hexies

Panto: Vertigo

Jelly roll quilt I made

I don't remember the name of this panto...looks like wishbones to me.

The second quilt for Mr W was a difficult one. It wasn't very square and had many tucks and pleats sewn down by the customer. He did a really good job, and I applied the binding and did the hand sewing while watching the entire PBS version of Pride and Prejudice. Love me some Colin Firth...
Panto: Flower Festival

Binding finished!
While Mr W quilted away on an Eleanor Burns Underground Railroad quilt, I set out to get the class samples made for my guild workshop on Monday. I got everything cut and the partial blocks sewn and boxed up, then picked out fabrics for charity pillowcases I'm going to make at the up-coming retreat starting Tuesday.
We also had to make a 'mug-rug' and get a gift for a 'Secret Sister' at the retreat. My gift is wrapped in an actual Omiyage (Japanese for souvenir or gift) cloth I was gifted on my trip to Japan! I hope my 'sister' likes it.
Underground Railroad quilt
Panto: Orange Peel

Pillowcase kits ready to sew

Soon to be pillowcase kits, ready to cut!

My mug-rug.
Today, I plan to get my projects for the retreat cut and packaged, then pack up the rest of my supplies for the three days of fun. I have already done the laundry, gone to the store for my snacks, and packed my sewing machine and sewing supplies for the workshop tomorrow. Yes, it has taken two days to write this post. I didn't get to bed last night (this morning?) until 1:30, and was too tired to finish it.
We'll see if I have the energy (or even the material) for a post tonight.
See you on the flip-side!