Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A big finish

I started my day in the pool at the local Wellness Center, doing some water aerobics and swimming laps. Its time to do something about my un-healing knee!! Water feels good.
After exercise, I had to dive into the giant pantograph quilt that was too large for Mr Wazoo's machine. That took the rest of the day, and then I made and applied the binding.

King sized from the front...

King sized from the back, too!

Panto: Trellis Vine

And much later...

Hand work done!

Mr Wazoo had his work done by 5:00, and did his hour of digging before supper.
We may be predictable, but we have fun!

Panto: Quirky

Aaah...thank Heaven for quilting!

Yesterday, Mr Wazoo struggled all day with a customer quilt. It is a lovely quilt, don't get me wrong, but the seams were all pressed to the points, making them thick, and they felt like there was a dried pea in every corner. And there are lots and lots of corners!! Every time he hit one, the machine was deflected and he let out some blue language. Fortunately  for me, my machine is loud enough to cover the words, so I just heard an intermittent,  minor, intelligible, vocal explosion! Kind of like the ding of the typewriter bell at the end of a row, for those of you old enough to know what that means...
This is the point where he just had to quit and go outside!
I enjoyed my day, quilting a customer quilt made  years ago with her two daughter's clothes. Now, one of them is getting married, and the quilt will be a gift. I love that kind of story.

Panto: Splat

I finished the quilt around 5 PM, so I had a bit of time to kill before quitting for the day, so I put on one of my vintage tops and started quilting it with the same pattern as the customer quilt. I have a box full of tops I've acquired here and there. The hope is to get them all made into quilts, so they won't live forever in a box.
After guild today, I came home and finished it! Now, it is all bound and ready to go!

Hand pieced hexigon top from the thirties
 The highlight of the day was coming home to find the man in his garden and this on the machine...all done. What a guy!

Panto: Check and Chase

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fun day Sunday!

I went straight to work to get the big custom medallion quilt finished so I could goof off. The borders were labor intensive, and took hours to finish, but look great. Quilt is done!!
I really like the fabric line in this quilt. I wish I knew what it was...

The backing is really soft. I love this quilt!
Mr Wazoo finished his quilts yesterday so he could go outside today and dig.

I wish the camera could get the shine on the thread. It is a light gold color and quilt shiny. Beautiful on this patriotic quilt.
He used the panto Angel Wings on this Amazing Grace panel quilt.
When I finished the big quilt, I got out my stash of 6 inch squares and made an I Spy for a charity project. I have piles of these squares left over from making my favorite charity quilt, the 2-3-2-6!

Kitties on the back. I'll hand sew the binding tonight while watching Olympic trials on TV.

I also dug out this bit of folk are cats that was a panel meant to be a pillow. I picked it up at a guild yard sale some years ago, along with enough of the coordinating fabric for the back and binding. I just added some of my homespuns to fill it out and make it big enough. Homespuns make a nice cuddly quilt.

I free motion quilted a loose loop and stars to keep the folksy flavor.

Backing and binding match.
Mr Wazoo did a bunch of digging in the heat today. He'll be starting the walk soon!
The lilies are going crazy!

Mr W all sweaty and happy.

Time to turn the page and get some supper ready. Tomorrow, I am off to a friend's house to give a longarm lesson! Should be fun.