Sunday, August 28, 2016

Quilts and my magnet obsession

Mr Wazoo began his day 'watering' the new driveway. He has done this twice today. After a thorough wetting, he came to the studio and quilted his heart out on this customer quilt for a son going off to college in the Fall. (After he finished, it was time for another baptism of the new driveway...)

The school colors are burgundy, gold and white. Perfect!

Panto: Dazzle
I rested my foot today, doing some sewing. This is a commissioned quilt where the customer (my daughter!) chose the fabrics. It is certainly out of my box! She wanted a winter quilt for the living room and the fabrics are taupe, dark brown and cream. I added the red, because it would have been truly dull without it. I made the blocks and have the rows sewn. Tomorrow I will get the top done and add the border. The backing is quilter's flannel.

My other confession is my adoration for whimsical magnets. I get them everywhere I go and put them on my refrigerator. I have been so many places, that I have to rotate my collection now and again. Plus, I love funny things, too...Here are just a few.

Kinda says, "If pigs could fly, I bet their wings would taste absolutely delicious!"

One of my kids found this one.
"A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight
live longer than the men who mention it." ha ha ha ha

My favorite, "A clean house is a sign of a wasted life"

From a greeting card, "Honey, what's for dinner?"
"Go to hell burgers and a side order of kiss my ass!"
(My kids have my wicked sense of humor, too.)

These are just a few of my destination magnets.
The pictures are there to make me smile.
Okay, I have veered from my quilty blog post, but still have something left in the quilt-bag. Trying to get UFOs off my shelves, I took down a dust covered box of log cabin blocks given to me and sewed them together. I added a red border and made a backing. It has joined the others on the rack, waiting to be made into a useful quilt. Life is still good.