Friday, October 21, 2016

Waiting...waiting...It's Here!!

While waiting for my delivery and my company, I did get the next round of the scrap quilt cut out.


Dark pink

But then...My friends arrived from Florida, and the next day, while we were out and about, my delivery came!! Today, Mr Wazoo and our pal, Henry, began unpacking boxes and assembling my new longarm machine!! Woo-hoo!! I have been waiting about a month since buying it at the Chattanooga show. This is so exciting to me...but also very scary. It has an onboard computer system that I have to learn, as well as being very foreign to me in its operation. I have been watching you tube videos and reading the manual to prepare for the first stitches I make. 
That story will be for another day. Until then, thank you to Henry for all his help so Mr Wazoo remains sane and able to quilt another day!

Mr Wazoo quilted in the garage for a couple of day because we had to make room for the new machine

Then she came!

Henry and Mr Wazoo figuring out where all the parts go

Progress! She's out of the box!

This is how far they got. Everything hooked up, but  the operator is still clueless.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Relaxed sewing

Yesterday I had the worst scare ever concerning my computer. I'm not a computer geek, we get along okay, but I don't know how to do lots of necessary things on the laptop. My photo program is full. I mean really full. I have 36000 pictures on my computer.  That's bad. I decided to back up my photos on an external hard drive with 2 terabytes of storage. The guy at the Apple store told me that was more than enough for my files and pictures. I followed the directions to format the device and accidentally erased all my pictures. After the initial panic and nausea, I went about trying everything to restore them...or at least find them. No dice. There was a copy of the old iPhoto on my other computer, so I went there and salvaged 26000 pictures, but nothing from the last couple of years.
It took all night to load them onto the laptop.
This morning, I went to Apple support just for fun, and there was a guy asking how to get his deleted photos back. They said to hold down the command key and re-open Photo. I did it. There they all are. ARRRRGGGHHH!!! 
Oh well, I got them back. Crisis averted. Now, I'm afraid to close the photo application.

Fast forward to the studio. It wasn't until the afternoon that I was finally  able to get into the studio to play with my fabric. I am waiting for a delivery and am not able to quilt right now, so there has been some sewing going on. Remember the pile of teal fabric from my Sunday sewing? I made the next set of blocks yesterday, and moved on to purple today.

All the purple I can stand. Not a fan of purple, but it is necessary for this project     
This is what a couple of hours without interruption gets you!

I am liking it so far!

Company coming from Florida tomorrow! And maybe my delivery... How excited can one girl get?!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday, fun day?

No joy in Mudville! We spent the day cleaning and moving things around...not so much fun. No quilting today, as we are expecting company this week and the house is a dirt ball of a mess. We keep it tidy, but not clean... I found dust bunnies that are the size of squirrels under the living room furniture!! Well, it's about half clean now. One more day of this torture and it will be fit for company.

Mr Wazoo spent the better part of the day in the garage, fixated on some black spots on the floor. I went in there several times to put things away, and he was trying another cleaning fluid each time. I wonder if he was ever successful. I'll have to ask him when he comes in from his daily watering ritual in the yard.

By 5:30, I was a bit miffed that I hadn't had any fun. So I got out the next pile of fabrics and cut some more squares for the quilt I started yesterday. See if you can guess what's going on here in the studio. Big news on Tuesday...or Wednesday. We'll see.

Squares cut for the next set of blocks.

All these fabrics will be in the quilt. It seems like the pile of squares should be bigger...

Studio is tidy and vacuumed, my sewing area turned to face the window.