Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A new normal, waiting for Christmas

Mr Wazoo is so frustrating!! He won't take it easy and is always doing something else for me to scold him for. A couple of days ago, I looked out the window and there he was, up on a ladder! He couldn't raise his right arm far enough to swing a hammer, so he held the nail with his right hand and pounded away with his left hand. He's right handed. Oh well, the lights are up, and he survived without smashing any fingers.
Putting up the lights.
I know when to stay inside, and this is the time. Its cold out there! I quilted the last two quilts for newly born grandkids of one of our customers, and then sewed up the backing for my show quilt. Now, I just have to do the quilting.
Cute newborn sized flannel quilt

Panto: Yodel

This one is for a two month old boy Grandma is going to see for the first time

Panto: Modern twist
Over the weekend, I baked my little heart out and made 9 different batches of goodies. Here is a sampling of them. Yum. Not fancy, but oh so good! We'll do the cut-out ones when my daughter gets here.

 Mr W can't maneuver the rake, so he improvised and used the leaf blower to clean up the lawn and gardens. Everything looks ready for winter, even the pot by the back door got a new winter dressing!

Here is the pot by the back door. So pretty!
Pots of ornamental kale and pansies add just a pop of color to an otherwise gray landscape.

This is the garden that Mr W fell off of. The front of the garden has a retaining wall with a drop-off of about four feet, and he took a running header off it onto the yard below. Ouch!!
We'll know soon what damage was done to his shoulder. Hopefully, he hasn't done any more to it with all his fussing in the yard.

This was our first Christmas tree when we moved here.
We planted it after that Christmas, and it has grown about a foot in height already!
The yard man put lights on it this year. A real Charlie Brown tree!

We are almost ready for the kids and grandson to come, and aware of just how far away our youngest daughter is. She send her good wishes from Australia, where the temps are in the 90s daily.

He is coming!

She is not.
The trees on the mountains are bare now, and we can once again see our house from the bend in the road about a half mile below us. It makes coming home special when we see the barn quilt peeking out of the trees! And now, the kids will have twinkling lights to guide them over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house!

Dusk in the mountains
Even with the motion lights on, it is really dark here.
The tree in the living room and the icicle lights look nice!

Awww, Charlie Brown would approve.